Monday, December 31, 2012

Dont Give Your Power Away

We have seen many living saints lately, and we have seen problems that come with their organizations. Individually, may be he or she does not have any ill intention towards his or her followers. The most common problem is when a Spiritual Organization grows bigger and bigger, certain group of people tend to take advantage of the situation. They might create their own set of rules saying: The Master or Baba (or whatever holy names they are using) wants you to do this and that......Some of them even commercialize the whole things (selling pictures, piece of the holy man's clothing, etc) leading to individual worshiping.

Even a true living saint should realized that he or she is only a Facilitator of God, The Beginning of Everything, not more than that. A true living saint would teach and act as part of the Divine, not becoming the Divine itself.

So, when You learn Meditation or other Spiritual practice from someone who endorse other than Pure Unconditional Love, stay away! When you know your Guru is saying things not in accordance of Divine Love & Lights about other method, other Teacher, for what ever reason, stay away.

Fear, being one of the most commonly used form of controlling, is frequently used by these Gurus. Some of them might set a date as the end of the world and ask you to do certain things. Historically, we have seen or heard of these types, and none of them is true. They are only capitalizing on their followers Fear. God himself never put a date when He is going to end all of this.

Religion, a certain Spiritual practice such as Meditation group or certain belief system often uses Fear to control their followers. This is not entirely bad, as long as it does not separate You as a Light Being and The One. If You are in full consciousness that nothing could come between Yourself and The One, then you are alright. God never use Fear to control us. God radiates Pure Unconditional Love at all times

Fear only works for those who are not aware that we are all Light Beings choosing to undergo human experience. After all, we are all part of The One, we are all Light Beings that should live in Pure Unconditional Love.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coping With Panic Attacks

How to Live With Panic Attack and Survive

Coping with panic attacks is not always easy, but it is possible. Experts have concluded that with appropriate medication, and counseling, patients suffering from these problems, however frequent they are, may live normally. For those who have little or no control over their condition, it can be difficult to concentrate on things, and to function adequately at work. This is very frustrating and could really ruin your life. You can prevent any of these with widely available effective treatment now

Coping with panic attacks must be taken seriously in its early stage. These annoying problems are suffered by many. People who have panic disorder are normal people. The only difference between someone who has panic disorder and someone that does not, is that their bodies and brains react differently to fear. Humans are not naturally brave beings. These attacks are just an exaggeration of the normal fears that arise every day. even by small things. These small things could creates an unnecessary amount of stress that can be avoided with proper therapy or medication.

Coping with panic attacks is easy with effective treatment that can drastically reduce or even eliminate fear. The environment around you is proof that many people in the world have these problems, but have the problem under control and able to lead perfectly normal lives. Advances in medication and alternative therapy, along with public awareness have helped to ensure that people are still able to function successfully in society. Panic disorder can not be cured completely, but remember that you are not alone and help is there. Find a friend or someone you can trust to talk about the feelings you have. You may be surprised to discover that by telling someone about whatever your fear is, your will feel so much better and life will be much happier.